ImageJ getDir("startup") macro outputs directory where ImageJ is installed

ImageJ Macro Functions documentation says

getDir(“startup”) - Returns the path to the directory that ImageJ was launched from.

I have ImageJ in my machine:

$ which ImageJ
$ ls -l $(which fiji)
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 24 Dec 16 17:33 /usr/bin/fiji -> /opt/fiji/ImageJ-linux64
$ ImageJ --headless --console -eval "print(getVersion());" | tail -n 1

I want to open files from my shell working directory with ImageJ and I was expecting that getDir("startup") would return my shell working directory but it returns the directory where I have ImageJ installed:

$ pwd
$ ImageJ --headless --console -eval "print(getDir('startup'));"

I think this is a bug because ImageJ has getDir("imagej") that will “returns the path to the ImageJ directory”.

$ ImageJ --headless --console -eval "print(getDir('imagej'));"

Can you confirm that I find a bug?

Use getDir(“cwd”), added in the 1.53h31 daily build, to get the current working directory.