ImageJ for the pharma



Dear All,

can ImageJ be used for the pharma industry?
I am looking for a software to be used for the counting of colonies, but also for the measurements of the inhibition zones in the microbiological assay of antibiotics (acc. to the European Pharmacopoeia).
The question is, can a free software like ImageJ be used for commercial purposes?
Can it be validated for the above mentioned use?
What about data integrity? Can it offer an audit trail? I.e. can it store information about who did what and when? Can it be used only by logged users, or protected from manipulation of the stored data?

Can you recommend on how to get started? Is there a video that could help me start?

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Legalese is not my mother tongue so I will avoid making any specific statements, but maybe this site on the wiki can help answer some of your questions? If not, you can ping @ctrueden using the @ notation on this forum, I expect he can be of more help :slight_smile:

Yes, there is a video!

For more specific questions about image analysis and processing, such as the counting of colonies etc. I recommend you create new threads that include the goal of the analysis and some samples of your data.


Hi @Jelena and welcome to the forum!

The issue of legal validation/certification has been discussed at some length on the mailing list in the past. Please also have a look at the following threads (and don’t hesitate asking for clarifications back here on the forum :slight_smile: ):