ImageJ: Find centroid of an object

Hi everyone!

I have an image with a few small cells. My goal is to add them to the ROI manager, which I am able to do using the wand tool in ImageJ. My next step is to use a Euclidean Distance Transform to find the distance between the cells and a tissue outline that is in a different image. I can successfully do this.

However, my issue is this: when finding the distance, I don’t know if it is finding the distance between the tissue border and cells’ border, or if it is finding the distance between the tissue border and the cells’ centers.

Does anyone know of a way to find the center of an object in ImageJ and add it to the ROI Manager?

So far, I have tried the following: make a distance map of the image with the cells and find maxima. Is there anything I can do after that to add the point at the maximum to the ROI manager? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi, @sk1

> Set Measurements
If you check “Centroid”, it will be calculated when you measure, but can’t you use it?


Hi Hwada!

Thanks for your help!

Hi @sk1
Maybe this could be of interest for you:

It describes a plugin where the distance between (centroids of) objects and the spacing between the objects can be assessed. Perhaps it could be useful for you too.