ImageJ/Fiji ROI Manager Fill vs Edit > Fill for XOR selection

I’m using ImageJ/Fiji.

$ ImageJ --headless --console -eval "print(getVersion());" | tail -n 1

ImageJ Built-in Macro Functions says

Fills the selected ROIs, or all ROIs if none are selected, using the equivalent of the Edit>Fill command.

I noticed that the result of ROI Manager Fill and Edit > Fill is different for XOR selection as illustrated in the following videos:

ROI Manager Fill for XOR selection

Edit > Fill for XOR selection

I was expecting the result to be the same. Is it a bug?

Not sure if it is a bug or not, but based on the description of the ROI manager “Fill”, it is doing what it says it is doing. In the first video, the ROI manager has two ROIs selected and is filling them both in.

If, after the XOR, I “Add(t)” the new ROI to the ROI manager, and then use the ROI manager Fill on the new third ROI, I get the XOR fill like the second video.

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@Research_Associate, thanks very much for the clarification. Now, I understood what is happening under the hood.

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