Imagej/ FIJI on Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.3

Hello everyone, I was hoping to get some help with Imagej and/or FIJI. I am pretty inexperienced with the two programs. I am trying to use these programs on my laptop, which is a MacBook Pro 2017 model, running OS Big Sur 11.2.3. I have been able to download both programs and did not experience any problems until trying to run the “Measurement of Pigmentation” plugin to analyze some photos. To my knowledge, this plugin does not come preinstalled on either Imagej or FIJI so I currently have an .ijm file of the plugin that I found on the internet. But whenever I try to run the plugin on either Imagej or FIJI, both of the programs freeze up and do not respond.

Does anyone know what the issue is? Is it most likely the plugin? Can I even run Imagej or FIJI on MacBook with the OS I have? Please let me know if anyone has experienced similar problems and might know a solution. Thanks for the help!