ImageJ/Fiji: issue when sorting Result table containing strings and numbers

Dear all,
we recently observed problems in sorting the Results table in ImageJ/Fiji. If the Results table contains a “Label” column with strings this column is ignored when sorting other columns of the table. A “Label” column is for example added if you apply the batch mode via “Process” -> “Batch” to a folder and measure properties of images in that folder. The column “Label” then contains the image file names. Also the “Measure…” command adds such a column to the Result table if “Display Label” is activated in the “Set Measurements…” dialogue. If all other columns are consistently sorted according to the selected column, but the “Label” column remains untouched this corrupts the links between image file names/labels and measurements, and renders the table entries practically useless.

Not sure, but maybe the sort function runs into problems if there are strings and numbers together in one table?

Best regards



Perhaps @Wayne could assist in this?

This bug is fixed in the latest ImageJ daily build (1.52r45).