ImageJ/Fiji and Big Tiff file format problem


I have a problem with Fijis Big Tiff file format. I don’t know if that’s a bug or if i just don’t understand it.

I do the following with Fiji:
I create a new Image with 16 Bit, 2048x2048 Pixel and 768 slices (File->New-> Image). If i save the new Image (File->Save as->Tiff) Fiji creates a 6.3 GB tiff file. As far as I understand it, the file should be in Big tiff file format, because only Big Tiff can handle more than 4 GB.

The problem is the version number (Byte number 3 and 4) of that file. The version number of the saved 6.3 GB tiff file is 42, but Big Tiff files should have version number 43 ( 42 is for normal 32-Bit Tiff files, but these files can have max. 4 GB.

Can someone help me?