ImageJ: Extension of Plot (PlotWindow) between 1.52e and 1.52q --> bug?

Hi to all!
Since I am not an ImageJ developer, I simply want to share the following observation:
Today I encountered a strange problem with a plugin using the method Plot.setLimitsToFit(true).
For some reason it does not work properly on 1.52p/q (could not test more), but works properly in my code with 1.52e.
In the higher version the method setLimitsToFit(true) does not have the expected impact anymore. In fact, my plots are not rescaled to fit all data, instead the plots remain to only cover their first added item.
Also, when I look at the Plots its clear that something has been changed in the meantime, because also the lower left corner shows an extension (two buttonsinstead of one).
Best regards

Do you have a plugin code example which you can post here so that we can reproduce this error?

Here you find the code history of the Plot.class:

Hi Richard,

sorry, I can’t reproduce the problem. I tried with the Help>Examples>Plots>Semi-log Plot, where the x^3 data series is added last.
Then I used this JavaScript:


And the plot was scaled nicely to fit the x^3 data (y axis up to 1.0*10^6). I also tried with a linear plot, also there it works.

The “F” for “full range (fit all)” in the lower left corner (only visible when the mouse is over the plot)) should do exactly the same; does this button work for you?