ImageJ does not start up after running the updater


I had some issues with two update sites that were not compatible ( Stardist and big-stitcher see) and I removed big-stitcher from my update sites as recommended here but now ImageJ does not start up any more.

I run debug.exe and the output can be found here (can’t put it in this post because it is too big).

Is there a way of fixing it ? The reason being that I had a ton of custom jars, macros and and plugins that I collected over time.

In the mean time I use a fresh install but I’d love to have my “mods” back.

Thank you very much for your help

It looks like I managed to somewhat fix it.
I replaced all the files of a fresh install with the one I had originally and now it works.
So it looks like that in the version that couldn’t start any more some files that should have been there got deleted.

Hopefully it will continue to work fine in the future

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