ImageJ combining of threshold and particle analysis

Hello Everyone
I have been using ImageJ for basic analysis.
I would like to automate and combine the threshold and particle analysis together for my work.
Where should I start? If anyone has a macro for this kind of process please do share. Or any kind of help is appreciated.


Using the Image J guide:

Use the forum search engine: (The magnifying glass in the upper right)

If not
we can help you with an original source image (to be posted on the forum) and mentioning your search criteria.

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This is the source image. How can I combine and automate the particle analysis and threshold to get area of the bright dots
PLATE11_E5-H5_24S_29032019_TileScan 1_C1_s0_z35_ch01Max.tif (2.8 MB)


Your image is so underexposed that I recognize nothing except two, then 4 bright points.

Histogram of 20200401_Naveen_krishna-1.tif (211.1 KB)