ImageJ class file generation

Hey folks,

I am interested in developing a class file (API) for ImageJ… While using command prompt for the compilation and creation I used the command as ‘javac’ but the command prompt throws number of errors like “package ij doesn’t exists, ij.plugin.filter doesn’t exists and many more”.

So could you please advice me what should I do.
Please note that I have saved my file in the jars folder in and using windows computer.

Appreciate your help and time

Hi @harsha09,
it’s a long time I haven’t done this, so I might be wrong about the details, but maybe it can get you started anyway.

You need to add the jar-files containing the classes imported in your code to the classpath, especially the ij.jar (it comes with a version number in the name). Something like:
javac -cp jars/ij-1.53c.jar;.

I guess the recommanded way is to use an IDE like eclipse for coding and maven for building your plugin. You can find some information about this on