imageJ cannot open tiff files compressed in this fashion (7)

It’s Whole slide image exported in tiff format. Size 250MB, How can I open this? Kindly help me

What fashion? There are no images with this question. Will you please send some for reference? Either PNG or TIFF will work fine.
Thanks for the question, sounds interesting.

File size is 250MB, I can’t upload right now… but when I tried to open, error message shows “ImageJ can’t open TIFF file compressed in this fashion (7).”

TIFF files support several compression modes, not all of which are necessarily supported. Per Wikipedia, compression mode 7 is JPEG compression, which is “lossy”, so are not desirable for image analysis. If you find this applies to your images, I would look for another compression option.

At any rate, you might try the Bio-Formats importer (Plugins > Bio-Formats > Bio-Formats Importer) or the SCIFIO importer (File > Import > SCIFIO), both of which are also mentioned here.

Unfortunately, opening TIFFs in ImageJ can be more complicated than simply using File › Open…

The best documentation page to read regarding ImageJ’s support for TIFF files is here:

If anyone sees any issues with that page, it is a wiki—please edit and enhance!

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