ImageJ Bio-Formats Plugin: Open LIF tile series by name in macro

Dear Community,

I’m trying to write a macro to open specific tile series from Leica LIF files in FIJI/ImageJ using the ImageJ macro language.

In the past, I used the ImageJ macro command: run(“Bio-Formats”, “open=filePath view=Hyperstack split_channels series_xx”) to open the series with the number xx from that LIF file.

Unfortunatly, I now have other LIF files where the image stack I want to open is not in a specific position within the file.

Is there any possibility to open a series by its name instead of the series number in a ImageJ macro?

Using the ImageJ macro language would be perfect - but Python and Java solution would also work for me!

Thank you all in advance!

All the best,


indeed I have a macro which does exactly what you ask (at least if I understood you correctly)

Open_Series_By_Name.ijm (1.0 KB)

Best wishes