ImageJ and and counting objects close together

Hello image analyzers!
I have been using imageJ for some time now so not a complete newby…I am, however, cannot figure a solution for the type of image attached (57mb cropped tif of a field of trees):
181-cropped (Large).tif (780.6 KB)
I have tried every combination of filters, inverting, image multiplying to try and isolate each tree. It becomes more difficult when they are this close together. I am open to any suggestions as I have exhausted searching the web and other forums for ideas.
They are in an obvious pattern but cant seem to rectify imageJ to see it.

I there a method for making the each tree the same color/value so the Maxima will pick up on it consistently and accurately?

Thanks so much for all the advice this forum has provided during my searches before.

I think your problem is quite similar to this older thread which might be helpful:

Another method would be to use supervised classification or to count objects use the Line Profile tool in combination with the Detect Peaks tool to count the plant lines in a loop (if equally spaced), see:

See also:

Other methods include Template Matching (several plugin available - below a link to the latest plugin):

In addition a nice OpenAccess article about tree crown detection can be found here:

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