ImageJ_3D_Viewer.props (No such file or directory)


I try to use 3D viewer to convert image stacks to mesh but I can’t launch 3D viewer, I receive the message :

version = 1.5
3D [dev] 1.6.0-scijava-2-prell-daily-experimental-daily
/home/aymeric/.Image_3D_Viewer.props (No such file or directory)

I looked for the file but I can’t find it, do you know where I can download it ? I tried download and reinstall the plugin but I receive the same error message.

I use debian buster, java 1.8 installed, i7 8700 with uhd 630.

Have you got some leads ?

Thank you

Ok, for another application I needed to switch from Wayland to Xorg and 3Dviewer is working despite the same error message.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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