ImageJ 1.53c: Propagate Window to other 32bit stacks

To me it seems as if there is a new error in ImageJ 1.53c in a rather basic function.
When having 2 or more stacks with 32bit bitdepth open, I fail to propagate the windowing from one stack to the others.

Since this does not happen always, there might be some dependency on data specifics.

Sorry, what do you mean by “propagate the windowing”?

Do you by chance have a minimal macro that reproduces your issue?

I am not able to reproduce this problem using the “Propagate to all other open image” option in the “Set” dialog of the Contrast/Brightness tool with two 500x500x5 32-bit “Ramp” stacks.

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Hi and thanks to all replys!

First of all the workflow:
Open 2 or more stacks with 32bit.
Then draw a rectangular ROI in one of the stacks and go with Ctrl-Shift C, press Auto (watch the windowing change), then “Set”, Tag “Propagate to all other open images”, “OK”.
Expected result: Window of second stack is adjusted accordingly.

Result on my end:
Second stack does not get the right windowing (should be identical to first stack after the propagation).

It seems to depend on a characteristic of the open stacks. It does not happen always.

I have just done it to describe the workflow and the error happened again.

I could upload the example image stacks somewhere, but I do not know how or where.

Here I could need help to support the analysis of the supposed bug.

As I said, I can reproduce the issue with my example data. It seems to happen only with stacks with a specific size…
The error happens deterministically with the data.
I could transfer the data … (but I do not know how)