Image Window Disappeared


I have a very silly Micro-manager problem and I hope there is a simple fix.

The problem:

The image window has disappeared from the viewable portion of my screen and I can’t get it back.

What caused the problem:

I created a script for generating data that is easy to analyze with NanoJ/SRRF. This script generates separate time series files for every channel and Z position (i.e., z1_c1_t1-500, z1_c2_t1-500, z2_c1_t1-500, z2_c2_t1-500, etc). Therefore, a 4 channel image with 30 z slices creates 120 separate images. The first time I used the script, the 120 images cascaded down (and off) the bottom of the screen! Since running the script for the first time, all new images are off the screen and I have no way of seeing them.

What I’ve tried:

I’ve restarted, rebooted, etc. Even after the reboot, all new images still show up off the screen.

What I have not tried:

Reinstalling MM. I would hate to do this because I’ve finally gotten my MM/FIJI/NanoJ/GPU/OpenCL combination playing nicely together and it’s been very fickle (particularly the OpenCL part of the equation).

What I hope someone can help with:

Is there a simple Bsh script that will relocate the active image to a viewable portion of the screen?

Thanks for the input.


Hi Nick,

Is this with MM 1.4 or 2.0? Things like window positions are stored in the “user profile”. In 2.0 you can make a new profile, that will start fresh, so you may need to position your windows again they way you like them. In 1.4 you may need to delete the profile from the file system. On Windows I believe they are stored in AppData/Local/Micro-Manager (note that AppData is a hidden directory that you first nee to unhide). You may want to move the contents of that folder rather than delete it, so that you could restore it. The profiles are text files so you could potentially even find where that window position is stored.

B.t.w., it would be nice for us to know in which version of Micro-Manager you had this happen. It obviously should not have happened.

Hi Nick,

In Windows, if you can select a window from the taskbar by hovering over the Micro-manager icon, then clicking the appropriate one, you can then press Alt+Spacebar and it’ll bring up the window menu. If you then press X, it’ll maximise it (hopefully to somewhere useful!), and then you can drag it somewhere normally.

Alternatively, instead of pressing X, you could press M, which will make your mouse cursor jump to the middle of its window bar, at which point you can click and drag it. That said, if you don’t know which direction to go in, you might be dragging it around for a while before you spot it…


Hi Nico and Sunil,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Nico - This issue occurred with MM2.0 20190519 Build on a Windows 10 machine. This may also sound odd, but I no longer see the “intro” screen when I open MM. In other words, the screen that allows one to choose a profile and a config just doesn’t appear these days. To change configs, I usually just go in through Devices -> Load Hardware Config to switch. However, I did try your approach on a different computer and creating a new profile did recenter the image screen.

Sunil - Your approach worked, and I got my image window back.

Thank you both,