Image thumbnails


I am trying to set up CPA 2.0 (r9128) with a MySQL database on a Mac. I am having trouble to figure out what the correct term that I have to use to get access to the thumbnails. The relevant line in the properties file looks like this:

image_thumbnail_cols = Image_Thumbnail_OrigBlue,Image_Thumbnail_OrigGreen,Image_Thumbnail_OrigRed

When I start CPA, the folowing warning pops up: “PROPERTIES WARNING: Unrecognized field “image_thumbnail_cols” in properties file”.

Does somebody know the proper term?


Hi Chris,
Sorry for the delay. Perhaps you figured this out by now, but what you have looks correct, assuming:
(1) You chose to save thumbnails in ExportToDatabase
(2) The column names in your database match the names in the comma separated list after "image_thumbnail_cols = "

Is it working now?