Image sets by order of file only?


Say I have 3 images per image set, and the images names contain only ascending numbers (no channel-specific content). However, the order of the images is always the same. Can NamesAndTypes define 3 images per set and assign them according to the order of the number in the file name only?


Thee is an option at the end of the settings in NamesAndTypes called “Image set matching method” which can be set to “Order”. This only appears when you load in at least two channels. But you do need something in the filename or metadata to distinguish the channels from each other, but if so, then the (alphabetical) order can be used.

If this is not clear, would you give an example of the file list?

Ok so our imaging software does not add channel-specific data to the files, this is what it could look like:

Tv001.tif (dapi)
Tv002.tif (GFP)
Tv003.tif (RFP)
Tv004.tif (dapi)
Tv005.tif (GFP)
Tv006.tif (RFP)

So the option involving least work would be to seperate the images in channel-specific folders (and use directory metadata)? As in, it would not be possible to identify the channels per order only (first image - dapi, second image - gfp, third image - rfp, etc)?