Image Set Identification Problem



Hello, I am new to CellProfiler. I have a pipeline setup to analyze images of plaque assays. The pipeline appears to work correctly however I am experiencing issues with the identification of my images. I have sixty images to analyze but the NamesAndTypes module (after clicking update) is only able to detect the first image in the list of images. I used a condition that was common to the all images in the hopes that CellProfiler would identify all the images (and perhaps number them) prior to analysis. Maybe someone can direct me as to how to set up the image list or NamesAndTypes module to analyze the batch of images. Thanks!



First you need to extract metadata from all images using Regular expression followed by defining names of different channels using NameAndTypes module.



Thanks for the reply habbasi. The metadata is extracting fine. The problem lies with naming the images in the NamesAndTypes module. I used a common part of all the image names to identify the images but it only identifies one image not all sixty.