Image sequence names have "c" in number, can't get rid of it

I hate to label this as a bug, because in some universes it’s a feature, but when I use macro to save Image sequence, I get a “c” character prepended to the file number. I don’t seem to have any control over it.

I’m executing
run("Image Sequence… “, “format=JPEG name=bottom_ digits=4 save=[+savedir+”\bottom_0000]”);

This used to force the numbering to start a 0 and just have file names like “bottom_0000.jpg”, but these days I get file names like “bottom_c0001.jpg”, with that annoying “c” character before the number and starting at the wrong fricking number. I just don’t know how to tell it more explicitly what to do.

I would say this is a bug, but with all the alternative universe possibilities, perhaps someone should honor the code author with a parade or something. I’m sure it’s in the documentation somewhere what crazy reason people have for doing this, but I could really use some help. I’m going to go take a sedative now.

Dear Jim Daniels,

not sur what you are doing but this example macro works for me:

run(“Bat Cochlea Volume (19K)”);
savedir = “/Applications/ImageJ/testdata/Stack”; // I’m on a Mac
run("Image Sequence… ", “format=JPEG name=bottom_ digits=4 save=” + savedir);