Image segmentation of a soybean stem

Hey guys,

So I am just beginning to learn how to use ImagJ and I am wondering how I can segment or just slip the image of a soybean into eighths. It is not exactly a perfect circle and I was wondering if there was a plugin that could do this.

here is a screen shot of the image (I have a better image saved as a TIFF. but the forum wouldn’t let me attach it):

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Anthony Tran

Hello Anthony and welcome to the forum,

Can you explain what you mean by this? Do you want to segment large regions? Individual cells? It would help a lot if you mark in an image what you need to segment.

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Here are the tissues that I would like to be able to segment:

I’ve been talking to one of my professors in the computer sciences department and she suggested that we cut the entire image into an eighth so it can be easier to segment these tissues.
If you could help me find a plugin that can automatically be able to separate the image into eight slices that would be great!

One option would be to use the Trainable Weka Segmentation plugin. I played a bit with your image (at low resolution) and got some preliminary results:

You would have to be careful though, not to run it on the full-resolution version of the image because it takes a lot of memory.