links broken

Hi all, hi @bcimini, hi @imagejan,

I have the supsicion, that some forum config was changed. I was distributing the link to collaborators and it appears broken now.

Is this some change in the config we can revert?




(feel free to tag @admins instead of just Beth and myself)

As far as I can tell, this was changed in Discourse in January:

At least the /tag/ is the default for a while already when clicking a tag somewhere on the forum. See also this issue raised by @ctrueden:

I thought that the old URLs (/tags/) would still work, but apparently that’s not the case any more.

Maybe we can activate a redirect somewhere… @haesleinhuepf can you ask on maybe?


The Discourse team needs to make /tags/ redirect to /tag/ for backwards compatibility. We still have a ton of POMs with /tags/ for the link in the mailingLists section, and it would be a shame for these to stop working forevermore.

I made a post on Discourse Meta:

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Should be fixed now! Please report back here if not.


Great, thanks @ctrueden for taking care! :heart:

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