Image Rotator plugin

Hello everyone!
I’ve started to use ImageJ recently to analyse bone tissue surrounding dental implants on radiographs and I’d like to rotate images in order to get implants in a vertical position. I tried to download the Image Rotator Plugin on the official website, but it only appears as a code.
Does anybody can help me?
Sorry if I’m being repetitive about this topic. I swear I used the search before starting this topic!

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Good day Maurício,

it should be no problem to use the plugin if you follow the instructions that are given here:

  1. Copy the Java-code to a text editor window and save it as:
    in the ImageJ-plugin directory.
  2. In ImageJ go to "Plugins >> Compile and Run…"
    A dialog opens and you are to select file “”
  3. Restart ImageJ
  4. With your image open and having a proper selection according to the given instructions, go to
    "Plugins >> Image Rotator"

(After having performed step 2. you should find a file named “Image_Rotator.class” in the ImageJ-plugin directory.)