Image path lost when sqlite image/output folder moved

I would love to get an answer to this issue. I cannot move the image folder that is connected to a particular sqlite measurement database without breaking the image display/cropping feature in the classifier. Is there an easy way to link the sqlite measurement database to the new image folder location? It seems cryptic to modify the properties file since I have tried to change the image path location in the properties file to reflect the new folder path, but, I have not been able to get it to work. Could you add a dialog box to the classifier to easily reconnect the image folder? Or do I have to rerun the cellprofiler pipeline on the images in their new path location?


The image filename/pathnames are directly written to the SQLite database and are effectively permanent in that sense. The properties fields only reference the name of the relevant file/path columns which contain this information, and not the actual filenames/paths themselves.

At this point, the only workaround is to do the latter, unfortunately.