Image object crops too small in CPA classifier [SOLVED]




Does anyone know if its possible to change the default crop size for image objects fetched from an experiment in CPA?
The crops don’t cover the whole cell object so I can’t use them to sort into classifier bins without finding the cell in the original image.

I’ve attached a screengrab of the issue. The display boxes are too small to see each individual cell.


I had the same problem! It’s pretty easy. Just go to your properties file, open it as a text document (use notepad etc). Then scroll down until you see:
“# ==== Other ====”
“# Specify the approximate diameter of your objects in pixels here.”
“image_tile_size = 500”

Just keep changing that tile size until it fits your whole cell (i.e. save and reopen CPA).


Thank you so much, DjProc.
That works perfectly