Image measurement for colorfull images

Dear cellprofiler uses,

I am wondering if I can employ my colorful images for some measurement modules in Cell profiler . I know mot modules (measure texture, granuality, object intensity, qiuality) just accept gray scale images. However, I need to get above properties from a colorful(RGB) images how to do this?

I every time convert the image to grayscale but I think I am loosing some information here while using above modules…


Yes, you can analyze color images easily in CellProfiler.
(1) In NamesAndTypes, be sure to choose “Color image” as the image type
(2) Your first module after the input modules should be ColorToGray, in which you will likely want to choose the Split option to write each of your RGB channels to its own grayscale image.

Then all modules should work fine.
Note that one exception to this is for histological images in which case you might better use UnmixColors rather than ColorToGray.

Hope that helps,