Image loading error

Hi, I am brand new to image analysis software, and thus CellProfiler. I’m caught up on a simple, yet frustrating error. I dowloaded CellProfiler, then downloaded the example “Cell/particle counting, and scoring the percentage of stained objects”, and then opened that project. From there, I dragged images to the “drop files and folders here” area. From here, when I click on either “Start Test Mode” or “Analyze Images”, I am consistently met with the error message: “Cannot Run pipeline…” (see image)

I’ve removed the program from my computer and redownloaded it. The problem still persists. Help!


Hmm, this is odd, since what you are doing sounds correct. I just tried this and it works ok for me. This sounds like a metadata or file name issue. Try clicking NamesAndTypes, and then click the Update button above the lower right window pane. Does it produce something like this?