Image J not working

I am using imagej from past few months…
Recently I installed it in other laptop…The Java version is updated… a fresh new copy of Image J is installed…But still the images are not able to open up in ImageJ
the Following error occurs

error loading image CMyk jpegs

Please help me in this regards

Hi @kaizen,

Could you share one of these images to make troubleshooting easier? Can you open other images? What is the file format of your image?

What is the version of your ImageJ installation? What OS are you using? Same OS on both computers? Are you loading the images directly in ImageJ?


the same images work on other laptop Mr.Sverre

I’m afraid I have no advice to offer until you answer more of my initial questions, @kaizen.

I found this thread when searching for “CMYK JPEG” after trying to run Jan’s macro here. I can reproduce the fault:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In Fiji, run File > Open Samples > Blobs (25k)
  2. The Bio-Formats Import Options window appears. Every option should be disabled, and the drop-downs should be:
    • View Stack with: Hyperstack
    • Color mode: default



However for me the error is benign. After clicking “OK”, the blobs image does indeed open. My copy of Fiji is up to date at this time of writing; version 1.52f Java 1.80_66 (64-bit) on GNU/Linux.

@kaizen It might be useful if the thread title can be updated to more accurately reflect the above screenshot with something like “IJ cannot open CMYK JPEGs”.


Adding in to this - I’m getting the same error with the Blobs (25k) sample and have found this behaviour occurs for all *.gif sample images (Blobs, Boats, Gel, and Particles)

Saving the images as a GIF & reopening it has no issue.
Opening a GIF from another source also works OK.

The other sample images all behave as expected.