Image filename metadata extraction first underscore not recognized



Have what appears to be a problem when CP attempts to extract metadata from the image filename. When I attempt to set the script according to extablished rules the first underscore in the filename is ignored. I cannot get the scripting language to recognize the first underscore in the filename. Images were captured on Mol.Dev.ImageXpress. They separate file name by underscore then well then site then bandpass. Example: WTcMyoMatMedia20181011_B02_s1_w1. (Experiment or Plate Name is specified as “WTcMyoMatMedia20181011_B02”). This is a bit of problem. Anyone know how to fix this? I have been dealing with this for sometime on this imaging platform. Thanks, PjB


Hello pbushway,
It seems to be working fine in CP3.1.5.
Regular expression editor guesses correctly and using the example you gave, the resulting Regex is

Good luck,