Image filename extensions no longer written to SQL output?



CellProfiler 5811 is dropping image filename extensions from the Image_FileName_* columns of the _image.csv file that the ExportToDatabase module produces, which 5122 did not do. Is this intended behavior? It makes output data difficult to use with CellProfiler Analyst.



Hi Tim,

Yes, this is indeed a new bug. I saw it recently too, and it has been fixed already. We are planning a new release very soon which will fix this and a few other bugs which were introduced with our big 5811 release. For now, you’ll need to edit either your .CSV files or your database manually (e.g. with a MySQL CONCAT like this: UPDATE <table_name> SET <column_name> = CONCAT(<column_name>,’.TIF’).



Hi Tim,

The bugfix version of CellProfiler has just been released which addresses this plus a few other problems. You can download it from here.