Image/File Management

I want to search files using tags. Here’s the problem:

  1. The files are Zeiss’s .czi files. I can save keywords within the file using the Zen software, but according to a Zeiss engineer there’s no way I can sort the files using the keywords.

  2. I tried to edit the tags in the file properties within Windows Explorer, but .czi doesn’t allow that (i.e. tag field is not visible)

  3. I tried to use Adobe Bridge. I like the software for the easy search capability. However, it doesn’t have the ‘File Info’ option for .czi data.

Any suggestion?

I’d try reading the image headers with the bioformats library, and reading the tags directly. In other words you’ll have to write a small script that traverses the folders, reads the headers of each file, obtains the tags, and then, for performance, store this dictionary of file names vs. tags somewhere, so that latter it’s easier to search.

To read the file headers with bioformats, get some inspiration from here: Read dimensions and image type from the file header and check the API.

To create a user interface to search for tags and list the files that match, you could reuse most of the code from this example: Create a UI: searchable, tabulated view of file paths

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