Image Enhancement to match with processed imgae


I am attaching 2 images, one is raw 16 bit and other is raw processed in a proprietary software. Can someone please help me figure how to get same result with imageJ. I tried CLAHE, Windows\Level, brightness\Contract, Enhance Contrast but could not get same image. Specially the cap on teeth in ImageJ is not coming as intense as its in processed image

below are the image link

Processed Image

Raw Image

Thanks in Advance

you can see (or measure) that the noise in the processed image is bigger than in the raw image. Some filter that augments the signal (including the noise) must have been involved. I get for example a somewhat similar result using “unsharp mask”.

run("Rotate... ", "angle=180 grid=1 interpolation=Bilinear");
run("Unsharp Mask...", "radius=8 mask=0.80");
run("Median...", "radius=2");

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