Image display

Each time I open an image (1344x1024) to view it, say though the plate viewer (right click on a well), it will open it at native size.
In my case, with a 1680x1050 px screen, the image window fills the screen top to bottom and every time, I need to re-size the window so that it snaps smaller and I can view the menu, and then drag it up a bit to see the Controls on the bottom.
A work around, is to do this once, resize it, then do Cont+O and put in the number of the image I want to examine, manually.

This is not a deal breaker, but it is a bit annoying. Is there some secret way I can change the way it displays images by default?


We have experienced this as well, and as far as I know, the only way to get around this is to Zoom/Unzoom or Minimize/Maximize the window to snap to the actual display size. But I want to be clear on when this occurs for you: When you say “In my case”, under what exact conditions is this? In Classifier, when you double-click an image? In Plate Viewer?

The image size you quote, though, is smaller than your display size, which seems odd. I thought this might only occur when the opposite was the case.
Also, what operating system do you run?

You could try a newer version of CPA here ( … TrunkBuild – read caveats!) though I do not know that it will solve this issue.


Hi David thanks for the reply.

  1. I said ‘in my case’ because it depends on monitor size. Someone with a larger monitor, will not have an issue.
  2. Yes the image size itself (from a Hammamtsu Orca) is slightly shorter than the monitor, however, it comes in a window. So what with the border of the window, and the Windows 7 task bar, I end up not being able to see the menu. So I need to resize the window a bit to make it smaller each time.
  3. I am already using the newest trunk version of CP, will try CPa too. Was hoping the CP trunk would solve this issue: :wink:
  4. I use plate viewer to see a simple map display of cyt-nuc ratio calculated in CP. So I right-click on an interesting well and click on the image number to see the actual image.

Maybe there is somewhere I can change the default to make it open to “maximize window on open”. That also would solve the problem. As it is, I cannot manually click on the Maximize, because that is also hidden of course until I re-size a bit.

One hack is to bind a keyboard shortcut to “Zoom”. Then you can use that shortcut even when the image’s menu is not visible. You may need to use the shortcut twice for it to zoom back to the proper size.

For example, on Mac OSX, this works for me: … using.html