Image Cytometry

I’m interested in Image Cytometry, and I have to study ploidy from sputum sample. I use Feulgen reaction to stain slides. To calculate ploidy status, I need Integrated Optical Density of cells in slide.
Is it possible to have this parameter, and also other parameters as area, optical density…, with Cell Profiler 2.0 (v.10415)?
Is it possible to have some pipelines for my experiment?
I attach same image for example.

Thank a lot

Hi Victor,

Another user recently asked a similar question over here. We don’t have pipelines specifically for this, but our responses there might be helpful for you. The one item I would add is that the UnmixColors module came out in the new release (after the linked post), which will make extracting the Feulgen stain easier.


Thanks a lot.
I’ll try to use pipeline that you attached in other conversation.