Image_channel_paths- Field is missing or empty bug

Hi CP2 developers,
I keep getting the following error when trying to analyze the sqlite data with CPA2.

An error occurred in the program:
AssertionError: PROPERTIES ERROR (image_channel_paths): Field is missing or empty.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 351, in
File “Properties.pyc”, line 80, in show_load_dialog
File “Properties.pyc”, line 156, in LoadFile
File “Properties.pyc”, line 219, in Validate

It seems that the new version of CP2 r10211 changes the image path field to a fieldname that is not recognized by CPA2 r9442.
The solution to this error is to rename field names that are auto-generated to the previous CP2 version field names.

image_path_cols = Image_PathName_OrigCytokeratin,Image_PathName_OrigDNA,Image_PathName_OrigHer2
image_file_cols = Image_FileName_OrigCytokeratin,Image_FileName_OrigDNA,Image_FileName_OrigHer2


image_channel_paths = Image_PathName_OrigCytokeratin,Image_PathName_OrigDNA,Image_PathName_OrigHer2
image_channel_files = Image_FileName_OrigCytokeratin,Image_FileName_OrigDNA,Image_FileName_OrigHer2


image_names = OrigCytokeratin,OrigDNA,OrigHer2 -> image_channel_names = OrigCytokeratin,OrigDNA,OrigHer2
image_channel_colors = green,blue,red,

Hi Derek,

You are correct; this is due to the mismatch between CP and CPA versions. We are working on a release of CPA in the near future which will take care of this problem. At this point, the only solutions are to either (1) change the field name as you’ve been doing, or (2) obtain the latest source code from our repository, install Python and the requisite packages, and use that instead.


For those following this thread: Our latest release, r10415, outputs fields in the properties file with the deprecated names, compatible with the current release of CPA. CPA from source code will automatically recognize these field names and do the right thing.