Image analyst position in national Centre for Cellular Imaging (CCI) at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Image analyst position in national Centre for Cellular Imaging (CCI) at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

The national Centre for Cellular Imaging (CCI) at the University of Gothenburg is one of the leading academic imaging facilities in Sweden providing expertise and access to advanced microscopy to the research community, both locally and at other Swedish universities and abroad. The CCI is now looking for a dynamic and talented Image Analyst to engage with the Centre in answering a wide range of exciting scientific questions using data from different types of light and electron microscopy. The Image Analyst will support all aspects of image analysis, from experimental design to the interpretation and presentation of data.

Job description:

The daily work for the successful candidate will include:
• Designing and implementing tools for image analysis and processing using ImageJ/Fiji, Icy, Matlab, Python etc.
• Set-up advanced workflows and programing, e.g. for image segmentation, intracellular protein distribution, quantification, pattern recognition, multi-spectral imaging, dynamic particle tracking, etc.
• Work with scientists for writing/implementing algorithms for solving image processing/analysis problems from multidimensional datasets acquired using confocal or super-resolution microscopy.
• Improvement of existing tools (computing speed, user interface, creating workflow).
• Providing and performing adequate statistical analyses.
• Analysis of multidimensional microscopy datasets acquired by researchers.
• Training of scientists in the use of developed tools and to make tutorials.
• The post holder will also participate in the teaching of practices/lectures for graduate and undergraduate students.


We are seeking an ambitious and service-oriented team player with excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. The suitable candidate should hold University degree (Master, PhD), engineering school or equivalent degree, with a strong specialization in image processing and analysis. Proven experience in the development of software tools to process and analyses multidimensional fluorescence microscopy datasets using image analysis open-sources (ImageJ/Fiji, etc.) and/or Matlab. The candidate should be willing to expand his/her knowledge in new microscopy techniques and be ready to work in a highly interdisciplinary environment. The ability to respect deadlines and to work in a team oriented way are essential, so is also good communication skills in English. We are looking for an enthusiastic person with a research background who combines technical expertise with strong communication skills, who has a strong will to aid other researcher in their work, but also the motivation to work independently.

Please apply online! Include a cover letter, your CV, list of publication, tree letter of recommendation, and a summary of past experience in the fields of image analysis! go to Researchers and other academic staff (25) to this position Associate researcher/researcher (PAK 2016/1796)

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