Image analyst job opening at Novartis, Emeryville, CA


The Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases (NITD) is seeking a biologist with expertise in microscopy and high-content imaging, preferably with host-parasite experience. The successful candidate will be accountable for the design, execution, and interpretation of imaging assays that support the discovery and characterization of novel anti-parasitic drugs.

Specifically the candidate will:

  • Independently design, perform, and interpret imaging assays to support drug discovery efforts for malaria, kinetoplastid diseases, and cryptosporidiosis
  • Develop imaging assays with various microscopy techniques (brightfield/PC, fluorescent, confocal) and build automated image analysis workstreams (CellProfiler)
  • Troubleshoot assays and instrumentation
  • Ensure integrity, quality, and timely delivery of data
  • Collaborate across disciplines to provide innovative approaches to discovery challenges
  • Communicate research strategy and results internally and externally

More details can be found here: