Image analysis virtual happy hour

Hi all!

We (@bcimini and I) are starting a virtual IMAGE ANALYSIS HAPPY HOUR this Friday! Fill in your details at… to be sent a link (or just drop me a DM). We are starting at 4PM EDT/1PM PDT/9PM BST/10PM CEST. Our plan is to have a short 10-min presentation followed by discussion about whatever topics people find interesting, professional or not. This will be the first of a recurring series of happy hour events, so keep an eye out for new dates!

It’s very important to us that everyone feel welcome, so I am also adding a draft Code of Conduct for this event, inspired by the Python Brasil Code of Conduct. If anyone has thoughts or feedback about it, feel free to voice them!

Code of Conduct

The Image Analysis Happy Hour is a friendly, inclusive and harassment-free environment where everyone is welcome and where civility is compulsory. The organizers will act in order to guarantee such an environment.


  1. We will not tolerate harassment, inappropriate discrimination or public humiliation of any kind;
  2. We will not tolerate illegal behavior;
  3. Regardless of their role every person taking part in this event is subject to these rules;

Thus we understand:

  • Harassment is the act of insisting, persecuting or coercing someone into involuntary behavior.
  • Inappropriate discrimination is the act of pulling apart, insulting or humiliating someone by promoting their exclusion by any particular attribute.
  • Public humiliation is the act of subjugating, pulling down, ridiculing or publicly promoting the vexation of others.

We stand for a suitable environment for all age groups. In that sense language and sexualized images are not suitable for lectures or discussion. If you feel harassed, discriminated or humiliated, or if you witnessed any of these behaviors, please contact the organizers.

In face of any allegation of violation of these principles, the organizers will examine and consider the case in order to take action to ensure that such events will not happen again. These actions might take the form of a conversation to reconcile the parts, an invitation to leave the event indefinitely or any other form to keep up with the values stated in this Code of Conduct.


Thanks to both you and @bcimini for hosting!


Bumping this topic to remind everyone we have another instance of the happy hour happening today, 1PM ET/10AM PT/6PM GMT/7PM CET. Details were sent for the people who already signed up, if you’re joining last minute feel free to PM me for those!


unfortunately today I can’t join… but is there somewhere a calendar?
Like. when is the next one?

it seems to me a beautiful initiative, moreover in this pandemic time!

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We’re planning to have it on the first Friday of every month - time will fluctuate to allow different timezones to join. Best thing is probably to sign up using the form in the opening post, we’ll mail the details the week before each event!

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