Image analysis (luminance, contrast, frequency)

Hi, i’ve a question about an image analysis. Unfortunately i’m not an expert on this field so my language and my comprehension could be inappropriate, in this case i’m sorry :smile: I’m doing a psychology experiment with some pictures and i would know if these images are similar or different in different parameters like luminance, contrast and frequency spectrum (high vs low). It could be possible with fiji ?
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the answer is yes.

To help you further, we would need some representative images that differ in the relevant parameter values or show similar parameters values.
(I guess the images are gray-value images, i.e. they contain no color information, otherwise color must be regarded as an important parameter.)



Thanks for your response!
Unfortunately I cannot upload any images that I use in my experiment because there are in a not open access database owned by my supervisor. Anyway the concept is that I would analyze some parameters of these images and, if it’s possible, to adjust as much as I can the images between them.

This is an example of what i need. I have 2 similar images (in this case they are the same but in real experiment they have different facial expressions). I enhance contrast in one of them and i need to know some parameters of these images for example the value of contrast, the luminance and the amount of high and low frequency. After that i would make these images comparable for contrast, luminance etc…

I enhance contrast in one of them

After that i would make these images comparable

I don’t get it because it sounds a bit contradictory to me.

In general there are an infinite number of characterizing parameters you could think of and color doesn’t make things easier.

You must be much more specific and you need to explain step by step what you like to do and what for, otherwise it is near to impossible to help.