Image analysis engineer position in human immuno-oncology - Institut Curie - Paris

Image Analysis Engineer in Human Immuno-Oncology
U932 - Institut Curie - Paris

Open position: Engineer position

Date posted: September 2017
Application deadline: december 2017

An engineer position in tissue image analysis is open at Institut
Curie, Paris, in Vassili Soumelis’ research group “Integrative Biology of
Human Dendritic Cells and T Cells” for a project in the frame of an industrial parnership.


Institut Curie is one of the largest European institutions for cancer and
biomedical research with strong interdisciplinary traditions. It is located in
the center of Paris in France, in a both cultural and scientific rich
environment. Projects will be developped under the supervision of Vassili
Soumelis, in the Immunology Department headed by S. Amigorena and in tight
colaboration with the experimental pathology platform of Institut Curie (Path-Ex,
Dr. A. Vincent-Salomon). Our
aim is to improve our understanding of complex inflammatory and immune
reactions in tumor tissue. The open position is
in line with the recent developments of the lab at the interface between immunology
and cancer. More information:


The project aims at studying the immune system in the human tumor
microenvironment. We will use in situ
multiparametric approaches for these researches. Staining of tumor tissue
samples from different retrospective cohorts of patients will be performed by
the Experimental Pathology platform (Path-Ex) at Institut Curie. Images will
be obtained through a spectral scanner (Vectra, PerkinElmer). Ideally, the
candidate will use already in place software such as Inform ( and
Tissue Studio (, and alternative
approaches, to extract characteristic features of those stained tissues.


  • To analyze tissue images to get spatial and
    phenotypic evaluation of cells and tissue structures;

  • To perform quality controls, extract and manage data

  • To maintain internal and external collaboration and reporting (industrial

  • Technological and bibliographical surveys


Ideal candidate will have a Master or PhD background in
biology, physics, or equivalent, with background in image analysis of
biological tissues. Some knowledge in cancer biology, cell biology and/or
immunology is not mandatory but would be appreciated. Other profiles such as
mathematicians or informaticians with strong background in image analysis of
tissues involving machine learning approaches will also be considered. Excellent
communication skills and team spirit as well as a capacity to work in autonomy and in collaboration are essential. Very good organisation and rigor are needed.
Good knowledge of english, both spoken and written, is required.

The position is open immediately and funded for 12 months. Precise salary will depend on past experience of the candidate.

Please send CV and two letters of reference to and to

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