Image analysis and denoise



Hello everyone,

I am new to imagej and ct image analysis. I have a problem which is when I drag my images t imagej it does not read them (the result is a white with some black points space) but when I import them the real images appear. Can I solve this problem?
I have a very large series of images (more than 35,000 raw CT images) which requires denoising and segmentation. Should I do these for each image one by one? because in import/image sequence, the series of white images (in a very small number of images with black points) appear not the real raw ones.
Is it possible that different images have different kinds of noise?
the image is from a column of fine sands (in the uploaded image, the noise is just blurring-please let me know if I am making a mistake)




Do l understand right; when the images are opened via importing (rather than dragging-dropping) they are displayed correctly? Do you use bio-formats(

Possibly you could automate the process could via using macros.
Maybe this thread could be a start:

If you have not used ImageJ before, on youtube you can find nice tutorials (here a start too


Hi Danielle,

Thanks for your help. Yes, you got it right. The format of the images are in dicom and maybe that is why the software does not recognize the images. Should I chnge the format or …?

Thank you


I have not worked with DICOM format before.
Perhaps this thread could be a starting point for you?

And info page:

Could you import the images via using a macro? Then you could automate the process for all images in your stack. Test your denoise / segmentation on a few of your 35000 images, and apply this to all images.Perhaps for this, the following thread could be a starting point: