Image Acquisition Principles wikipage


Dear image acquisition experts,
I work primarily with automating image analysis and some of the challenges I and many others face can be reduced by following certain principles during the image acquisition.

I created the stump of a wiki page to collect these principles. The goal is to create something similar to the Image Processing Principles page.

I want to invite you all to share your knowledge either in this post or directly on the wiki page.


It occurs to me that we could have a single Principles page and include both image processing and image acquisition as the major sections. This would also leave room for future expansion. Or do others think that would be too vague?


@ctrueden I support a common page with subsections dividing acquisition from processing and potentially analysis if added later to have some structure and index to follow along.


@biovoxxel, @ctrueden I support that idea as well, though it seems that there is only one level of hierarchical sections in the wiki (unlike the #, ##, ###, levels you can do with markdown).

Do you know of a way to can create such structured documents with the mediawiki version used by imagej wiki?


@gab1one I don’t know if it necessarily needs to hierarchical. Since the subsections are displayd in the index anyway sequencially we might stick to a sequence like…

image acquisition
image formats and saving
image processing
image analysis

Just as an initial idea.


You can do a hierarchy in wiki markup.

= Heading 1 =
== Heading 2 ==
=== Heading 3 ===
==== Heading 4 ====



[/quote][quote=“ctrueden, post:6, topic:472”]
You can do a hierarchy in wiki markup.

= Heading 1 =
== Heading 2 ==
=== Heading 3 ===
==== Heading 4 ====


Thanks a lot, the WYSIWYG editor did not offer me that…
Now that we have that we can build the Principles Page.


Out of curiosity - how did you even get a WYSIWYG editor? Historically I thought it was attached to the domain, and had problems, so we got rid of it…

Also see the general wiki formatting guide


My bad, I meant the buttons on top of the editing field, there is only a button for the == TEXT == heading.

Thank you for the formatting guide link.


Back to topic, I will create a new wiki page that collects all the principles.

@ctrueden should I just use this one: ?


Yes, please rename the existing Image Processing Principles to just Principles, leaving a redirect from the old page. Then you can merge in your analysis section stub, and we can update the left-side menu bar accordingly.


@ctrueden - the left side bar does not directly link to the IPP page… at least at the moment - eh?



@ctrueden How do I do that?


By editing

But actually we don’t need to do that this time. Instead, edit the Tutorials page.


I did that, only thing missing is the nice content from the experts.