Illumination Correction

cp11 pipeline.cp (10.9 KB)

I needed to overexpose areas of my field in order to light the entire region, but now I am having difficulty correcting the lighting. The correction effectively blacks out the majority of the image. Is there a different way to subtract/divide the illumination correction?


You have the correct modules in place to do the correction, but the settings for the CorrectIlluminationCalculate modules are not quite optimal.

Try the following:

  • In CorrectIlluminationCalculate: Change the method from “Regular” to “Background”, set the block size to 50, no rescaling, set smoothing method to median, and the filter size calculation to ‘Manual’, with a size of 100 for both channels.
  • in CorrectIlluminationApply: Change the application method to “Subtract”.

This should get you closer, though your object identification settings probably need to be adjusted accordingly.