Ilastik with CPLEX12.8 on Windows10

I downloaded CPLEX 12.8 to use with ILASTIK structured learning workflow, yet the tracking weights are not activated even after I copied the mentioned files in the documentation to the bin folder in ILASTIK.

Hi @Khaleel,

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On windows there should not be the need to copy anything. However, you need to install cplex version 1290, i’m afraid. Can you even still download cplex 12.8? IBM is usually pretty restrictive with access to older versions.

Please check you environment variables (type environment variables into your search bar…) and verify that CPLEX_STUDIO_BINARIES129 and CPLEX_STUDIO_DIR129 exist. Furthermore, there should be something related to cplex (probably %CPLEX_STUDIO_BINARIES129% appearing in your path variable.

In any case you should also make sure that your environment variables are set up correctly.

Thank you for your reply!
As per your documentation (Which mentions two different version of CPLEX), I downloaded version 6.
Yes, you can download the older version.
In my enviroment variable, I see the first two variables, but the path is not there. I tried adding it by adding the same path as shown in the CPLEX_STUDIO_BINARIES129 but still no luck