Ilastik: upgrade project file


I found the mitochek example on
I wanted to try it out with ilastik 1.3.2 against the original data stored in IDR

I generate 5D numpy arrays from a collection of 2D-arrays retrieved from IDR then run ilastik headless. This approach works nicely for newly created ilp files.

Unfortunately that approach does not work with the version of ilastik used to create the downloaded ilp files (2014). (headless and npy files not supported)
Is there a way to “upgrade” the ilp files so they can be used with newer versions of ilastik?


Hello @j.burel,

the ilastik .ilp file stores the configuration of a workflow. In general you should be able to load .ilp files created with an older version of ilastik, in a newer one (not necessarily the other way round). So I would suggest just using the current ilastik version (maybe the 1.3.3b2 one) with the old project file. This should enable you to process numpy array files.


Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately in that case the ilp file e.g. pixelClassification.ilp does not open with newer version of ilastik.



oh, thanks for making us aware of that. We’ll investigate

That’s great. Let me know when I can try it out again.
We are very interested to run ilastik against IDR data


@ilastik_team (Anna) mentioned that a conversion from one format to another might be possible, but if so, how costly? ~Josh

Hi @joshmoore

what do you mean by cost?

I would prefer fixing the loading of this file, somehow - I just checked that it could still be opened in 1.3.0, so I think we should definitely fix this.

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