Ilastik tracking: Object filter

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currently enjoying Ilastik- think the segmentation is brilliant!
Currently using the Tracking with learning workflow (binary) and wanted to know if there is a way to filter objects during tracking such that it rejects all objects from one channel while retaining the objects from the other?

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Hi @alexjov,

this is currently not directly possible I’m afraid.

But maybe just to clarify, you have (two or more) different types of objects in your image and only want to track a particular type? In that case you could achieve your goal with one more step: object classification. You could train object classification to classify your two (or more) types of objects, export the “Object Probabilities”, which is a multi-channel image with one channel for each class. Each object will be associated with the probability to belong to a specific class. With this image you could go into the tracking workflow with a probability map and threshold the channel you are interested in with a threshold of 0.5.

Thanks @k-dominik for your reply! will try it as suggested. Im also learning a lot from the Neubiaswebinar you made!! Thanks so much.


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very welcome. I’m so happy it’s useful!