Ilastik - tracking dividing cells error

I’m taking my first steps in ilastik (very exciting).
my goal is to automatically detect dividing cells. I saw the great webinar on tracking (beyond classification NEUBIAS),
who was working on nuclear staining image. my image is brightfield, should it work the same way?
I managed to do pixel classification and segmentation, i selected the dividing/non dividing cells, but in the track stage i got an error ( attached).
what am i doing wrong? I appreciate your help!
Thank you!

Hello @irit.shoval,

sorry that you ran into this. This is a bug that old, that I am surprised to still find it. At least that’s what I suspect. Maybe you could confirm… Is it possible that there aren’t any objects in time frame 104? If so, then it’s probably the problem that was reported here:

err… as a quick fix you could restrict the export to time slices 0 to 103 (you can do that in the UI, if you scroll down in the applet drawer on the left:

I know this is inconvenient and we really have to fix that…

thank you Dominik for the quick reply! indeed a quick fix!

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