Ilastik tool on the cloud (AWS or Watson)

Has anyone tried to run the ilastik tool in the cloud? (AWS or IBM Watson)?
Does anyone have a tutorial or step-by-step guide to create a server with ilastik, load my image data set (a large one) and try to train a large pixel classification model? (That’s too much for my PC with 16 GB of RAM over Windows) …

I read on the web that you can use something called “docker”, which is a type of container, similar to a virtual machine, that can run in certain way over AWS … but I doubt this is possible with what is included in the " free tier account " (im not rich… so I need a low cost solution)

Thanks in advance for any information.


Hi @ALCTongas,

there is no limitation in principal on the size of the image you process in ilastik with Pixel Classification. What you should keep in mind, though, is that, especially in live update mode during training, the amount of data that is concurrently processed or has to be kept in memory depends on how much of the data you are displaying. In other words, if you disable live update mode before zooming out to navigate to a different location, then zooming in again and only then enabling live update again it should work without blowing up.

Alternatively you could try using only a subset of your image for training by cutting a piece out. And then process the whole image/volume with ilastik in headless mode.

Okay, and coming back to your original question. It should be possible to spin up a docker container on aws and ssh -X to it. We don’t have a current docker container in our docker registry, but here you can find an example of how to build a docker container from a linux ilastik binary.

No clue about the offerings of IBM Watson.