Ilastik Project File Portable?

Dear @ilastik_team,

I’m currently working on using Ilastik (Pixel Classification module) and Cellprofiler to make an automated workflow for machine learning analysis. The pipeline and classifier work like a charm on my desktop, however, when I transfer the .ilp file to another computer for another researcher to use, it seems to stop working.

I’m getting the following error:
Could not load project file.
Slicing must not have more elements than the shape, except for [:] and […] slices.
Your slicing: (slice(0, 1, None), slice(22, 23, None), slice(913, 920, None), slice(665, 680, None), slice(0, 1, None)), your shape: (65, 1024, 1024, 3)

This error doesn’t appear when I try to open the same file on my computer, all the .h5 files on which the classifier was trained are located in the same directory as the project file on both machines. Is transferring projects between machines possible?

Hello, Omar

This sounds like a bug that was introduced in ilastik 1.3.3. Unfortunately, there was an incompatibility between projects created using version 1.3.3 and 1.3.2 of ilastik. This has already been addressed, though, and will be included in the next release shortly (1.4.0)

In the mean time, you can check which version of ilastik you’re running and switch accordingly to open your project; if you’re using 1.3.2, try switching to 1.3.3, or vice-versa if you’re currently using 1.3.3.

Please let us know if that solves your issue o/

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